Course reduced to £55 from £120 for the period of the Covid On Line police assessment

How to pass the Police Recruit Assessment Centre

Welcome to our Recruit Assessment Training . We provide training in how to pass the police recruit assessment centre known as SEARCH and the new One Day Assessment Centre. Securing a position as a Police Constable has never been so competitive. Forces are seeing unprecedented numbers applying for a small number of positions. Academy Recruit Training Ltd are specialists in the police recruit assessment and our training will prepare you to pass at the first attempt. This interactive e-learning course has been designed by our Director John Maher. John is a retired Police Inspector with over 30 years experience training people how to pass police assessment centres. We can also support you through the initial police training with our pre join training.

We offer a Money Back guarantee that if you score less than 50% at the SEARCH assessment centre we will refund your course fee. 50% which is the current National pass mark . Full terms are in the course prospectus.

Covid On Line police assessment

Our On line course is now reduced from £120 to £55 for the period of On Line Assessments due to covid
There are currently 6 stages to recruitment for most forces. 1 Eligibility screen 2 Application Form 3 On Line Proof reading assessment 4 On Line Assessment centre. 5 In Force Interview 6 Pre Employment checks.
Our course still provides you with the Knowledge Understanding and Skills needed to pass the 3 KEY stages.
2Application Form
As part of your application form, you will be required to complete questions around your motivations for applying. Please note, this section will not be assessed at this stage but will be used at In Force interview (stage four) should you be successful in reaching this stage.
4 Online Assessment Centre
The online assessment will consist of the following:
• Welcome video and confirmation of terms and conditions
• Situational Judgement Test (30 minutes)
• Competency-based video interview, with 5 questions in total (35 minutes)
• Written exercise (45 minutes)
• Briefing exercise (45 minutes)
5 In-Force Interview
Candidates successful at the online assessment centre stage will be invited to an in force interview. This is a panel interview in front of South Yorkshire Police operational officers and police staff representatives, which will last approximately 30 – 45 minutes.
The interview will be assessed against the Competency and Values Framework (CVF) and explore your motivations for applying for the role in line with the information you provided on your initial application.

How to Join the Police

Everything you need to know about joining the Police is covered on this course. We cover in detail all 4 components of the Police recruit assessment centre known as SEARCH and the new Day One Assessment centre. We also cover the application form and the application process. If you want to know how to join the police and how proceed successfully from application to recruitment this course will show you how.

Support through Initial Police Training

Pre – Join Course. Once you join the Police there is a huge amount of law, policies and procedure to be learnt, this can be very difficult time. One way of making the initial training easier and increasing your chances of success is to complete the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP). If you do not wish to complete the CKP we can offer you our Access Course materials course, this gives you access to our on line CKP materials at a vastly reduced rate of £240. This option will not get you the certificate, you will not complete any assessments but you will be able to study the materials prior to starting your initial police training. The assessment course is reduced to £35 for anyone on our CKP or Access Course Materials course.
For more information use link to our CKP website

Level 3 Qualification CKP

We provide the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP). The National minimum requirement for joining the Police is a Level 3 qualification on the Qualifications credit frame work. The CKP is a level 3 Qualification.
SFJ Awards Level 3 Certificate in Knowledge of Policing
Qualification Number: 601/8126/6
Level: Level 3

We have an excellent online course that will provide you flexibility in your studies. Check out our other website


I passed my assesment!! Thank you so much for your support and for preparing me so well!! Couldn't thank you enough!!!
Chloe Seal
CKP/Assessment Centre Training
Course was highly recommended the trainers and John were excellent I did the assessment centre training which was instrumental in me passing SEARCH and I did the CKP which was excellent . I have now been offered a job in the Met Police , best money I have ever spent.
Tom Griffiths
Assessment centre Training and CKP
I would never have passed my assessment centre without Johns course the training was excellent. I have recommended johns course to loads of people over the years and I don't know anyone who has done it who hasn't passed
K Galvin
PC West Yorkshire Police / Assessment Centre Training
I want to give your course praise for preparing me for the assessment centre as I passed this and I am now at the interview stage, your training is fantastic.
Nathan Smith
Hi John, Just wanted to let you know that I passed my final interview for Lancashire. Thank you for all your help, I'm yet to meet anyone who got to the final interview who got a higher score at the assessment centre than me and it was all down to your course! Leanne Oxley
Leanne Oxley
Assessment training and CKP student
Hi John, Just to let you know that I had my final interview this afternoon and I've I have I have received a conditional offer!! Thank you so much for your training advice and help! Thanks
Annie Wharton
Student Assessment centre
Just letting you know that with your help I smashed my second attempt at GMP’s Student Officer recruitment after completing one of your courses I will be starting as Student Officer in 3 weeks
Becky Watson
Hello John, I took on your Online Recruit Assessment Centre Training recently. It was fantastic! I found it very engaging and a great escape from hours of studying books! I'm very happy to say I passed my Assessment Centre and your course really helped me. Many Thanks Ralph
Ralph Partridge
found the day rewarding and knowledgeable. I feel that I'm better placed with regards to the role plays and feel more confident now knowing a system to help me with it. Matt Hankin
Matt Hankin
Assessment Centre student
The online program is brilliant, thanks so much. Rosanna
Just wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you know my thoughts on the course. It's been a brilliant course a throughly enjoyable all the way through.
Just wanted to let you know that your online course for the National Assessment Center was a great help and very enjoyable to work my way through. I am pleased to say I have passed my assessment center and final interview and have been offered a job with GMP. The online course gave me the necessary preparation and lifted my confidence for the day. Thank you very much.
Amy Fogarty
Just to let you know Sam passed his Assessment Day. We think your online course played a big part in that. He had his final interview on Monday and has now received a conditional offer of employment.Thanks again for your help. Well worth it and we will gladly recommend you to others.
Tony Wood
I failed 2 assessment centres, I then did Johns course and passed with the second highest score in the country, Brilliant
Paul Coburn
Police Officer / Assessment Centre Training

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