Hi all,

This series of blog posts have been to introduce the new module 6 which covers the new Day One Assessment Centre Training.I have covered what the day one assessment centre is in my first blog post as well as a brief overview of what this new module involves. I would like to explain to you a bit more about the lessons in module 6 and what they will be covering.

This blog post will be dedicated to the third lesson in the module: Interactive exercises.

This lesson includes a downloadable guide to the interactive exercises. This explains firstly how dealing with role plays and how they are scored is covered in module 1 of the course. The main difference with the Day One assessment centre is that the role plays are 10 minutes, not 5. The document explains a little about the two interactive exercises which are split into two parts- preparation and meeting the role player.

 Remember: All the points covered in module 1 of the course, which covers the SEARCH assessment centre role plays, is still relevant and you need to study this module also.

The downloadable document also explains all the differences between the SEARCH role plays and the Day One Assessment Centre role plays.

 Lesson 3: Interactive Exercises also includes two downloadable example role plays which both include a checklist at the end so that when you practice you can check that you have done all the things the interviewer will be looking for.

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