Hi all,

My previous blog post introduced the new module 6. Module 6 covers the Day One Assessment Centre Training. I want to explain to you a bit more about the lessons in module 6 and what they will be covering. This blog post is focused on the second lesson in the module: Interview.

This lesson in the module is all about the interview. Interviews are covered in previous lessons, module 3 and 4. These modules explain how to structure perfect interview answers.

The difference for the new day one recruit assessment interview is the competencies. The Level 1 competencies in the Competencies and Values Framework Document should be used when structuring your answers.

The competencies and values framework document is in the introduction lesson for module 6. Use Modules 3 and 4 of the course to familiarise yourself with the interview process. These modules include videos explaining what they are looking for in the interviews, examples of good answers. They include audios for you to listen to, so you absorb what they are after in the interviews and other valuable materials for preparing you for the interview process.

As previously mentioned, The Day One Assessment Centre interview is a little different as they are looking for the level one competencies which you will find in the competencies and values framework document. Study these competencies alongside the interview lessons in Modules 3 and 4 of the course. You will be ready for your interview.

Lesson 2 of module 6 also includes some more information and tips for the Day One Assessment Centre Interview.

Police Assessment Centre Training

The pilot has been developed by the Metropolitan Police Service, with funding from the Police Transformation Fund. Day One will take a different format to Police SEARCH® but has been designed with support from the College, to ensure assessment standards remain consistent.

If the force you are applying to is taking part in the pilot, you will receive more information from them, on what to expect on the day, approximately two weeks in advance of your assessment centre date. You can also read the Information for Candidates – Day One Recruit Assessment Centre pilot.

We also provide the Certificate Knowledge of Policing Level 3 qualification ONLINE