The assessment centre is very competitive. There are very few vacancies and many people applying. If you are attending the assessment centre, taking a course beforehand is the best way to guarantee an excellent performance as you will be prepared, know what to expect and have had practice.

We offer an e-learning course on how to pass the Police Recruit Assessment Centre.

But why should you take our course?

Why is our course your best option? It’s all terrific me telling you that our course is the best, but then I would say that. Here are some solid reasons why you should take our course.

Top-quality materials

Our course uses a blend of learning materials. The course is designed by me and covers the application process and all four parts of the Police Recruit Assessment centre known as the SEARCH assessment centre.

The course is about much more than just telling you what the assessment centre entails, although it will do that as well. This course will show you precisely what you need to do to pass the assessment centre and to pass it well.

Expert tutor

What you need to help you pass this assessment centre is somebody who is an expert tutor. That is me.

I am an expert in police assessment centres specifically. I have years of experience helping people to be successful in the assessment centre. I spent 30 years in Greater Manchester police. During that time, I Served in lots of different operational departments and achieved two chief constable’s commendations for outstanding police work as an operational officer.

I spent much time in police training and assessment. I have spent 20 years teaching people how to pass Police Assessment Centres.

If you take our course, you will be getting an expert tutor.

Round the clock multimedia access

When you sign up for our course, we give you multimedia access.

You’re busy, you have a life and sometimes working to a strict timetable, attending scheduled classes and online tutorials won’t work for you. On our course, you will be able to log in and access course materials at the best time to suit you, anytime day or night.

You can access it on all sorts of different devices- your tablet, laptop or phone. So you can even access it when you’re on the go.

Money-back guarantee

Our course also offers a money-back guarantee, meaning that if you do not achieve the current national course mark, we will refund your course fee. The money-back-guarantee is on our website.

We also offer the Level 3 Certificate Knowledge of Policing qualification